the primary question that you need to answer is how do you want a site like this to operate.... 

To operate completely commercial & advertiser supported, we need to provide programs more oriented to the mass audience appeal things that FM radio, TV, AOL, etc. all do very well.  We expect that if you are here, that's not what you are looking for.

There is, however, a significant enough market for higher quality content, but it requires demonstrated support and more concrete answers to the question "prove it."  So that part is up to you.  We will begin developing the mechanisms for proving the level of support, and you will have to take an active role in making them work.

Our approach is to develop the financial support for keeping the programming that we host from a wide enough variety of sources so that we don't completely fall victim to the commercial pressures that dominate other media.  With a large enough user base of music lovers like you willing to participate to help develop it, we believe that this is possible.

We have also started a Membership support system so please consider supporting our efforts if you like what we do, or more importantly, what we can become!

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