Music Sojourn Program Guide  


How to Support this site and help it to grow!

We are working hard on ways to develop your music site and music delivery services further.  Your support is essential!  Please help by reading the info presented from these links, and utilizing the links to vendors with whom we have affiliate programs.  The links on this page will open NEW windows so this page will remain open.

Watch this page for updates on online vendors and other ways that you can support the independently produced programming that you want to hear!

A Note about the current capacity problems (server has reached its capacity and can stream no more streams...)

The primary question that you need to answer is how do you want a site like this to operate and survive....  (Read More on this topic)

The MOST effective support mechanisms:

  1. Sign up on our email list.  We absolutely do NOT sell this list, but we can sell ad space within it once we have enough names.  Unfortunately, most users of this site do not sign up.  We'll list the percentage below and update it as we make progress.  If we cannot make enough voluntary progress, we will have to go to forced registration.  Thank you if you are already on the lists!

    Percentage of site users on our email list:  0.7 %
    Percentage of people complaining about things (like not enough streaming capacity, etc.) who are not on our lists:  99%

  2. Look for us to partner with PostmasterDirect shortly.  This will be a separate opt-in email list arrangement that may be very effective.
  3. Many people have asked about making direct contributions (and we thank you).  We are working on this and will implement it once we determine the best way to do so (with respect to tax laws, etc.)
  4. When shopping online, use our affiliate links.  If we don't have affiliate links to a vendor that you like and visit regularly, please drop us an email and tell us who they are.  We'll see if we can add an affiliate relationship with them.  Keep in mind that if you don't make an online purchase after clicking on our link, it does not help us.  Click this link for more detail on how this works.
    We are developing new pages for affiliate links with vendors.  We will try to keep this separate from the site pages to avoid cluttering up the site (but if they don't get used...)

Advertisers decide to advertise with us based on demographic information that we gather.  if you have not completed our survey within 6 months, please take a minute to do so.