Entrancing Electromagnetic Excursions from Spanish Ambient Master — Bruno Sanfilippo – Subliminal Pulse

Bruno Sanfilippo - Subliminal Pulse (2011)

Bruno Sanfilippo - Subliminal Pulse (2011)

Bruno Sanfilippo – Subliminal Pulse (2011)

1. The Third Geometry – (5:52)
2. Santa Luminosa – (6:40)
3. Spirit Allies – (5:47)
4. Intrinsic Fluctuations – (14:00)
5. Subliminal Pulse – (5:58)
6. Slipped Time – (7:29)
7. Alchemical Powers – (6:29)
8. Pulsum Sacrum – (7:21)
9. Mantram – (7:58)

Playlist length: 1 hour 7 minutes 34 seconds

Summary: Masterful ambient excursions that evoke the classic ambient masters such as Robert Rich, Steve Roach, Klaus Schulze and even early Tangerine Dream.  These complex and intricate compositions range from airy to intense, haunting, mysterious and droning to harmonious and ethereal.  Taken in its entirety, the album might be interpreted as a journey from the beginning of time through the formation of life, or a similar evolutionary or developmental theme.  Bruno Sanfilippo is an accomplished electronic artist and his many years of composing and performing yield another excellent ambient collection here.

Artist’s Background & Details:
Bruno Sanfilippo may be new to some ambient listeners as “Subliminal Pulse” is his first release in the United States, due to his joining with the excellent “Spotted Peccary” label.

His works go back to as early as 1991 when, after several years experimenting with electronic music and studying composing, he released his first album “Sons of the Light,” which was later released by EPSA Music and then distributed in Argentina and some other South American countries.

In the 1990′s he searched for new sounds and experimented with every electronic sound device that he could.  He released a second work “The New Kingdom” in 1995.

In 1998 he created his own label “ad21music” for both his solo and collaborative projects.   From 2000 -2010 he released ten albums on his “ad21music” label, plus one in between on another label:

2000 – Solemnis
2000 – Suite Patagonia – a tribute to the Patagonia
2003 – Visuala (released on Neuronium Records)
2004 – Indalo – a collaboration with Max Corbacho.
2004 – Ad Libitum
2006 – InTRO – with a collaboration of Alio Die [Stefano Musso] on one track
2007 – Piano Textures
2008 – Ambessence piano & drones – a collaboration work with Mathias Grassow
2009 – Auralspace
2009 – Piano Textures 2
2010 – CROMO [piano & drones] – second collaborative work between Bruno Sanfilippo and Mathias Grassow

I personally had the pleasure of playing from many of his prior releases starting from the early releases “Suite Patagonia,” “Visuala” and “Indalo” for “Ambient Caverns” (Music Sojourn / Coolstreams) thanks to the artist sending them over.  Many of these albums have now been made available on Amazon.com in the US (though most show the add dates there of 2010 or 2011).  For newcomers, I recommend starting with the current “Subliminal Pulse” and working back through his catalog.

By Track:
1. The Third Geometry – (5:52) – Opens airy and soaring becoming infiltrated with heavier layering, droning and percussive elements, punctuated by tubular or heavy string like pulsations, drifting off into an airy void with some spooky vocalizations barely audible at the fade

2. Santa Luminosa – (6:40) – opens with a generator like pulsation takeoff into an airy, ascending, ethereal layered flight traversing past a variety of sound posts before climaxing into a dissonant sounding spiral out

3. Spirit Allies – (5:47) – opens with an electro- mechanical sounding pulsation becoming woven with increasing harmonious layerings of soprano and baritone synths and shadowy vocalizations

4. Intrinsic Fluctuations – (14:00) – opens soaring and hovering while added layers build a sense of conflicting themes, eventually descending into darker, brooding pulsating textures with metallic-like droppings and lathe cuttings, with a spooky spirit-like riff permeating the ending minutes

5. Subliminal Pulse – (5:58) – dark, spooky, and mysterious with dissonant keyboard-like riffs and chords and other-worldly vocalizations woven through various intricate layerings

6. Slipped Time – (7:29) – smooth, textured intro into an evocative, familiar piano-like riff and soaring textures, very reminiscent of past masters

7. Alchemical Powers – (6:29) – Opens dark and mysterious, suggestive of experimentation or origination and alchemy with boiling, bubbling underlayments, progressively more dark & dissonant and punctuated by bell and percussive soundings, degenerating into life sounds accompanied by thunder and ran backdrops, suggestive of primordial formations

8. Pulsum Sacrum – (7:21) – opens smoothly textured quickly augmented by male-like and then female-like vocalise layerings along with Tibetan bell-like soundings and explosive backdrops, use your imagination based on the title

9. Mantram – (7:58) – opens with smoothly textured layers joined with a soaring but morose cello-like layering, somewhat sad in emotion but harmonious in sound, a musical mantra as the title suggests.

Genres (& sub genres): Ambient, Electronic, Space Music, Dark Ambient

Listening Impressions: electronic, space music, airy, atmospheric, classic ambient, ethereal, mysterious, alien, intense, haunting, complex, deep space, droning, chilling (not as a music tag), spooky, soaring, dissonant, discordant;

Similar to: Alpha Wave Movement, Between Interval, Rudy Adrian, Robert Rich, Markus Reuter, Klaus Schulze, Steve Roach



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