Impressive Debut! Feel The Energy! – Shambhu – Sacred Love, Feel The Journey

Shambhu (2010) - Sacred Love, Feel The JourneyShambhu (2010) – Sacred Love, Feel The Journey

Released: October 1, 2010
1. Together 4:51
2. Edge Of Eternal 4:49
3. Eyes Of A Child 3:47
4. Natural Moment 4:32
5. Revelation 4:10
6. Imagine 3:25
7. Maui Breeze 4:41
8. Nirab Amare 4:48
9. Hide And Seek 3:34
10. Shiva Grove 5:25
11. Call To Spirit 6:17
12. Humility 7:16

Summary: William Ackerman is helping create and release nearly as much great new music at his Vermont based Imaginary Road Sudios as he did previously with his Windham Hill Records label.  Now add Shambhu’s “Sacred Love, Feel The Journey” to an already impressive list of albums from Imaginary Road Sudios.  Suprebly crafted by both Ackerman and Sahmbhu, the tracks range from Meditative (though not boring) to New Age to uptempo World Rhythms, and are played by an equally impressive lineup of artists backing Shambhu’s guitars: Tony Levin – bass, Will Ackerman – guitar & piano, George Brooks – sax, Ravichandra Kular – flute, Premik Russell Tubbs – flute, Charlie Bishart – violin, Jeff Oster – flugelhorn, Michael Manring – bass, Eugene Friesen – cello, Jeff Haynes – percussion, Celso Alberti – drums, and Jill Haley – English Horn.   Shambhu’s compositions are beautiful and intriguing, engaging over repeated listens.  An impressive debut, highly recommended.

Genres (& sub genres): Ambient, New Age, Meditation Relaxation & Inspiration, Smooth Jazz, World Rhythms

Listening Impressions: Acoustic, tranquil, peaceful, tropical, sensual, relaxing, haunting;
The melody of “Together” is evocative of “Darkness Darkness” (Iain Matthews / Youngbloods);

Similar to: Sundad, Will Ackerman, Tingstead & Rumbel, Brian Rolland,  Jill Haley, Eugene Friesen, Ravi Shankar (11 & 12)

Notes from the artist / label:
“Stellar In Every Respect” – William Ackerman


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3 Responses to Impressive Debut! Feel The Energy! – Shambhu – Sacred Love, Feel The Journey

  1. Scott Ericson says:

    In addition to the link below, please also see much more by visiting the official Shambhu website at:
    - Scott

  2. Shambhu says:

    I appreciate your kind words. We also captured the recording sessions for a YouTube series called, “The Making of Sacred Love”. Features great moments with Will Ackerman, Corin Nelsen, Tony Levin, Jeff Haynes, George Brooks, Jill Haley, Eugene Friesen, Michael Manring, Jeff Oster, and so many others.

    The CD has a booklet called Guide to the Journey which links videos to songs. Fun!


  3. Rocky Fretz says:

    This is a great cd :) I enjoyed playing piano on it very much and working with Will and Shambhu was very cool. Ya’ll should get this record!