R. Carlos Nakai - Ancestral Voices

Ancestral Voices

Ancestral Voices      (R. Carlos Nakai with William Eaton)     (1992)
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1. I. Witnesses: Dreaming a Life  
2. I. Witnesses: Beyond the Edge  
3. I. Witnesses: Caravanserai  
4. I. Witnesses: Indios Mythos  
5. I. Witnesses: Stone Mirage  
6. I. Witnesses: Unfolding Sky  
7. II. First People: First Voices  
8. II. First People: Covenants Shared  
9. II. First People: Promise Given  
10. II. First People: Making Thunder  
11. II. First People: Returing As Clouds  
12. II. First People: In the Silver Glow  
13. III. Dreamers: Walking the Shining Earth  
14. III. Dreamers: Dreams of the Children  
15. III. Dreamers: Earth Chant  
16. III. Dreamers: Saguaros [*]  
17. III. Dreamers: Life Seeking Eternity [*]  
18. III. Dreamers: Many Flags  
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