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Joni Mitchell - Song to a Seagull


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Bill Leslie - Blue Ridge Reunion

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Cat Stevens - Tea For the Tillerman

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Par SpotlightAlbum Spotlight

Shawn Colvin - These Four Walls

These Four Walls

These Four Walls      (Shawn Colvin)     (September 12, 2006)
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Songs on this album
Song Title Hear in streams:
1. Fill Me Up CHFolk   FolkRock   AltAspects
2. These Four Walls CHFolk   FolkRock  
3. Tuff Kid CHFolk   FolkRock   AltAspects
4. Summer Dress CHFolk   FolkRock
5. Cinnamon Road CHFolk   FolkRock   AltAspects
6. Venetian Blue CHFolk   AltAspects
7. The Bird FolkRock   AltAspects
8. I'm Gone FolkRock   AltAspects
9. Let It Slide FolkRock   AltAspects
10. Even Here We Are CHFolk   FolkRock
11. So Good To See You CHFolk  
12. That Don't Worry Me Now CHFolk   FolkRock
13. Words CHFolk
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Shawn Colvin - These Four Walls

Shawn Colvin - Inside These Four Walls

Shawn Colvin is, according to the Music Hound Folk Encyclopedia, "a writer and performer of rare and special abilities." In this two-hour special for public radio, award-winning producer Paul Ingles presents a compelling portrait of the singer/songwriter at work on her most recent music and at home reflecting on her remarkable career that has included three Grammy awards, critical and commercial success. The program is an independently produced study of a notable artist coming to grips with...  (read more...)   Click here for the Shawn Colvin - Inside These Four Walls feature >>>

Judy Collins

Fairport Convention - Liege And Lief

 Eva Cassidy - American Tune