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 Traciana Graves
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Sounds Orchestral - Caste Your Fate To The Winds

LOR-1,043 - Love, Shapes And Fun, Fun, Fun from 1964-1965:

With Elvis Presley, Sounds Orchestral, The Toys, Millie Small, Petula Clark, The Byrds, Lou Christie, The Dave Clark Five, The Reflections, The Beach Boys, and The T-Bones.

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Outsight Radio Interview:  Traciana Graves -  In this 30 April 2007 interview we meet Traciana Graves. Born in Harlem, U.S.A. she was largely raised in France when the career of her model mother took the family abroad. It is in France where Traciana became immersed in the arts and music. She taught herself to become a guitarist, studied at the Sorbonne and became the first American accepted into the prestigious National Acting Conservatory in France. This foundation lead her to become a sought after background singer for the likes of Celine Dion, Steel Pulse, Youssou N' Dour, Andrew Lloyd Webber and others. We hear how this background has affected her album Tales of A Prodigal Daughter as well as her efforts to inspire others through lectures, workshops and one-on-one coaching sessions with such topics as "Embracing Multiculturalism And Diversity".

Traciana Graves - Sons Of A Prodigal Daughter
 Listing by Album Title (full or partial discography) /
 Original Albums:

Traciana Graves - Sons Of A Prodigal Daughter

Sons Of A Prodigal Daughter     (May 2, 2006)
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1. Si Bon, 2. Comme Ça, 3. Nenda Kilele Leo (Interlude), 4. Blowing Kisses in the Wind, 5. My Revolution, 6. There (Là-Bas), 7. When I'm with You, 8. On Dit Quoi (Interlude), 9. Way That You Love Me, 10. Everybody, 11. Rhythm and Rain, 12. Canto, 13. Dance with Me, 14. Deeper Than Joy, 15. When I'm with You [D.J. Spinna Re-Mix]

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