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Orealis was formed in the mid-1980s by Kirk MacGeachy and multi Instrumentalist Jim Stephens (Hammered Dulicmer, Bouzouki, Whistles). Kirk and Jim were both previously members of the popular Montreal Groups Celtec Conspiracy and Brahan Seer. Brahn Seer (or Men without Pants as they wer sometimes known) Featured the skills of Ken MacKenzie on bagpipes and Gilles Losier on Fiddle and Key-boards.

In their search for a more contemporary/new age sound for their new band, Jim and Kirk invited Renée Morin to join the newly formed Orealis on the synthesizers. Orealis' first demo attracted the attention of Wendy Newton of Green Linnet records who immediately signed them to her prestigious Green Linnet label. Their first album, Orealis - Musique Celtique, released in 1987 and was very well received. It was produced by Johnny Cunningham and featured not only his brilliant fiddling,. but also guest musicians Kate and Anna McGarrigle(backing vocals, accordion_ and Michel Dupire(percussion).

Orealis performed across Canada and in the US, establishing a name for themselves. In the early 1990s the trio became a four-some with the addition of John Rudel on Percussion. In 1991 with the departure of Jim Stephens, flute and guitar Virtuoso Dave Gossage joined the line-up. Dave brought to the band his fine musicianship and arranging skills, and later his brothers Bill (Bass) and Thom (drums).

Orealis' next album 'Night Visions' produced by Jim Dunningham and Dave Gossage for the Green LInnet Label marked a change in musical direction towards a new upbeat sound whihc combined elements of ethnic music, Jazz and Rock. This album received rave reviews from the critics and was nominated for JUNO award in the roots and Traditional category.

Since then, Dave and Kirk have collaborated on two other albums 'Shroud of Erin' and 'Moon on the Ocean'   Source: Orealis Web Site >>>  Note: the Green Linnet label is now part of Compass Records.
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Kim Robertson - Highland Heart

SET CC-1,024 - Featured: Kim Robertson (2006) - Highland Heart.

With Kim Robertson, Robin Petrie & Danny Carnahan, Clannad, Sileas, The Full Moon Ensemble.

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Orealis - Celtic Music/Musique Celtique (1990)

Celtic Music/Musique Celtique

Celtic Music/Musique Celtique      (Orealis)     (1987)
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1. L'Hiver Sur Richelieu/Miss B's Dreams  
2. Spencer The Rover Cool Celtic
3. The Trooper And The Maid Cool Celtic
4. Dream Angus/Elgol Cool Celtic
5. Highland Ways Cool Celtic
6. Rob Roy Cool Celtic
7. Jannie Walker  
8. Plaisir De La Table/Eibhli Gheal Chuiun  
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Clannad - Magical Ring

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Mary McLaughlin - Crystal Shoe Maire Brennan - Two Horizons Celtic Woman - Celtic Woman Cara Dillon - Sweet Liberty

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