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 Louis Armstrong
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Louis Armstrong - Hot Fives & Sevens

Hot Fives & Sevens

Hot Fives & Sevens
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Songs on this album
Song Title Hear in streams:
1. My Heart  
2. Yes! I'm in the Barrel  
3. Gut Bucket Blues  
4. Come Back, Sweet Papa  
5. Georgia Grind  
6. Heebie Jeebies  
7. Cornet Chop Suey  
8. Oriental Strut  
9. You're Next  
10. Muskrat Ramble  
11. Don't Forget to Mess Around  
12. I'm Gonna Gitcha  
13. Droppin' Shucks  
14. Who' Sit  
15. He Likes It Slow  
16. King of the Zulus  
17. Big Fat Ma and Skinny Pa  
18. Lonesome Blues  
19. Sweet Little Papa  
20. Jazz Lips  
21. Skid-Dat-De-Dat  
22. Big Butter and Egg Man From the West  
23. Sunset Cafe Stomp  
24. You Made Me Love You  
25. Irish Black Bottom  
26. No-One Else But You  
1. Willie the Weeper   JM0
2. Wild Man Blues   JM0
3. Chicago Breakdown  
4. Alligator Crawl  
5. Potato Head Blues   JM0
6. Melancholy Blues  
7. Weary Blues   JM0
8. Twelfth Street Rag  
9. Keyhole Blues  
10. S.O.L. Blues   JM0
11. Gully Low Blues  
12. That's When I'll Come Back to You  
13. Put 'Em Down Blues  
14. Ory's Creole Trombone  
15. Last Time   JM0
16. Struttin' With Some Barbecue  
17. Got No Blues  
18. Once in a While  
19. I'm Not Rough  
20. Hotter Than That   JM0
21. Savoy Blues  
1. Fireworks  
2. Skip the Gutter  
3. Monday Date  
4. Don't Jive Me  
5. West End Blues   JM0
6. Sugar Foot Strut   JM0
7. Two Deuces  
8. Squeeze Me  
9. Knee Drops  
10. Symphonic Raps  
11. Savoyagers' Stomp  
12. No (No, Papa, No)  
13. Basin Street Blues  
14. No-One Else but You  
15. Beau Koo Jack  
16. Save It, Pretty Mama  
17. Weather Bird  
18. Muggles  
19. Hear Me Talkin' to Ya?  
20. St. James Infirmary  
21. Tight Like This  
22. Knockin' a Jug  
1. I Can't Give You Anything but Love  
2. Mahogany Hall Stomp   JM0
3. Ain't Misbehavin'  
4. Black and Blue  
5. That Rhythm Man   JM0
6. Sweet Savannah Sue  
7. Some of These Days  
8. Some of These Days  
9. When You're Smiling  
10. When You're Smiling  
11. After You've Gone  
12. Ain't Got Nobody  
13. Dallas Blues  
14. St. Louis Blues  
15. Rockin' Chair  
16. Song of the Islands  
17. Bessie Couldn't Help It  
18. Blue Turning Grey over You  
19. Dear Old Southland  
20. Rockin' Chair  
21. I Can't Give You Anything but Love  
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Louis Armstrong - Hot Fives and Sevens

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