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Alex Bugnon
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Narada Decade Two:  Evolution

Narada Decade Two:  Evolution

Narada Decade Two:  Evolution    (April 27, 1993)
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Songs from this album that are playing in our MP3 CoolStreams:
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Song Title / Artist & Original album Hear in streams:
Disc: 1
1. The Journey Begins - Hans Zimmer from the album Millenium (1992) Cool Age   ACS
2. Yonnondio (Part 1) - Peter Buffett  from the album Yonnonido (1992) (Cool Age)
3. The Merced - Tingstad & Rumbel  from the album American Acoustic (1998) Cool Age   MRI
4. Skywatching - Michael Gettel  from the album Skywatching (1993) (Cool Age)
5. Under The Canopy - David Arkenstone  from the album Another Satr In The Sky (1994) Cool Age   ACS
6. Chuiagh Me 'Na Rosann - Scartaglen  from the album Celtic Oddysey (1993) Cool Celtic
7. Danching Kachinas - Ralf Illenberger  from the album Soliel (1993) Cool Age
8. Back Home - Nando Lauria  from the album Points Of View(1994) Cool Age
9. Joy Of Beltane - Friedemann  from the album Legends Of Light(1995) Cool Age
10. Sunrise - Kostia  from the album Suite St. Petersburgh (1992) Cool Age   MRI
11. You Saw His Eyes - Mary McLaughlin  from the album Celtic Voices (1995) Cool Celtic
12. Ngak - Lucky Diop  from the album African Voices (1996)  
13. Fingerdance - Billy McLaughlin  from the album Fingerdance (1996)  
14. Louise - John Whelan  from the album Celtic Reflections (1996) Cool Celtic
15. Saphyrro - Vas  from the album Sunyata (1997) Cool Age
Disc: 2
1. The Call To Dance - Leahy  from the album Leahy (1997) Cool Celtic
2. Waters Of Eden - Tony Levin  from the album Waters Of Eden (2000) Cool Age   ACS
3. Forgive e (Perdoname) - Oscar Lopez  from the album Heat (1997) Cool Age
4. El Manisero (The Peanut Vendor) - Cuba L.A.  from the album Cuba LA  
5. Klimbim - Don Ross  from the album Passion Session (1992) Cool Age
6. Virtue - Jesse Cook  from the album Free Fall (2000) Cool Age
7. Gloria Benditta - Chuscales  from the album Soul Encounters (1992) Cool Age
8. Onward, Upward - Alex Bugnon  from the album Alex Bugnon...As Promised (2000) AltAspects
9. Quiet 3 - Sheila Chandra  from the album Quiet (1984) Cool Age   AltAspects
10. Love Life - Warren Hill  from the album Love Life (2000)  
11. Simuna - Lila Downs  from the album Tree Of Life  
12. Whisper From The Mirror - Keiko Matsui  from the album Whisper Form The Mirror (2000) Cool Age
13. San Francisco River - Flora Purim  from the album Perpetual Emotion (2001)  
14. A Song For Jan - Ramsey Lewis Trio  from the album Apassionata (1992)  
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Songs on this album
Song Title Hear in streams:
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