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We Need "A Little Help From Our Friends"
(please read >>>)
Shoes For Industry, Best Of The Firesign Theatre
The Labor Day Comedy Special >>>
For Earth Day and Beyond: Get Membership Listening Time for Recycling unused devices and/or CDs!
Click Here For Details >>>
Get Membership Listening Time for Recycling unused devices and/or CDs!
The Emergence of Joni Mitchell - Photo by Baron Wolman
The Emergence of Joni Mitchell >>>
The Two Sides of Sgt. Pepper
The Two Sides of Sgt. Pepper - An Honest Appraisal
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Privacy Policy


Coolstreams Membership
Supports our Mission to bring you a different style of Internet Radio with features on demand! Thank You!


Get Membership Listening Time (plus a Tax Deduction) for Recycling unused devices and/or CDs!

Announcing our
Phone Fund Fundraising Program


You can support Coolstreams by donating your unused cell phones, digital cameras, PDA's and laptops while helping save the environment from toxic waste!

Did you know that cell phones, digital cameras, PDA's and laptops contain toxic materials such as arsenic, lead and zinc? According to a new study by environmental research group Inform, people in the US will soon be getting rid of about 130 million cell phones each year. "That's about 65,000 tons of cell phones and ultimately they are thrown away," says Joanna Underwood, spokesperson for Inform.

Phones, digital cameras, PDA's and laptops donated through our Phone Fund program, however, are given new life. Your throw-away technology is desirable to people living in developing nations. Phone Fund makes your unused cell phones, digital cameras, PDA's and laptops available to those who can use them, while keeping them out of the landfill.

And best of all, every one that you donate will mean money for us!

Plus Receive Membership time for your donations!
(See Below)

Phone Fund is the organization we will use to recycle your devices - you can check out their program and e-waste policy using the link above.

 What To Do - Here's The Details:

Of course the only way to get this stuff to us is to mail it to us.  We know that's a pain, so to start, you get 1 month of Membership time just for making the effort  to do this!. (If you send us a large package with many items that costs you over $5.00 in mailing costs, we will add an additional month of Membership time).

We will add additional Membership time according to the following schedule - please don't send visibly broken items, we will not get any credit for them (Note: We will be revising this schedule as we get more experience with this program):
1. Each non-broken Cell Phone Sent = 2 WEEKS Additional Membership Time

2. Each non-broken Digitial Camera, PDA or Laptop Sent = 2 Months Additional Membership Time  

3. Each CD Sent = 1 WEEK Additional Membership Time (See Notes Below First)

(example: if you send us 1 cell phone and 2 CDs, you will get a Membership Listening Pass for 8 weeks)

Notes about CDs: we can only use commercially produced CDs that are in their original cases with the original covers / booklet.  Cracked or broken plastic cases are ok, but we cannot use or give any credit for cdr's or cds without the front and back original covers.

WE RECOMMEND THAT YOU COMPLETE OUR PRINTABLE FORM HERE >>> (it opens in a new window so you don't lose this page) TO LET US KNOW WHAT YOU ARE SENDING AND INCLUDE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS.  That way 1) we will have your email address to send your Membership information once we receive your items, and 2) we will then be watching for your package to arrive.  See below for answers to other questions.


          Coolstreams Fundraiser Donations
          PO Box 509
          Gibsonia, PA  15044 (USA)

Please use a PADDED OR RIGID MAILER, or a BOX!  If you are sending ONLY CDs, you can save postage by using "Media Mail."

IMPORTANT! Disconnect Service And Remove Any Personal Information From Your Devices Before Sending Them! (more info below)

If you do not complete our printable form above, be sure to include your name and email address!


Q: Why are you doing this?
A: Money is tight for a lot of folks (including us), so this provides a way for people who don't have extra money to support us with an alternate way - and one that is also good for the environment!  Lots of people have old cell phones and/or CDs sitting around that they no longer use.

Q: Can I Send Items Using UPS?
A: NO, we only have a PO Box and UPS will not deliver to PO Boxes!  Any other service that will deliver to a PO Box is fine.

Q: Do I Need To Remove The Batteries From The Phone (or Devices)?
A: You do not need to remove the batteries that are in the phones (but you can and recycle them elsewhere if you prefer).  We cannot recycle the battery chargers at this time.

Q: What Types Of CDs Can I Send In?
A: Anything that was commercially produced that has the original front and back artwork (broken plastic cases are ok).  Even Brittney Spears, though we hope for something more interesting.

Q: What Will You Do With CDs?
A: If it is something we can use for our programming library, we'll use it there.  If not, we will either sell or trade them to raise funds or add to our library.

Q: Do I Get Access To Both The POD Programs and Coolstreams For Doing This?
A: Yes (You receive a "Complete Membership")

Q: Can I send In Phones Or CDs That I Get From Other People?
A: Sure, why not ask others that you know if they have some old unused items sitting around that they don't know what to do with.  Just tell them that they and you can help the environment and support a non-profit organization by donating it.

If you operate a business or work at a company that would allow this, you can even set up a collection box for others to donate cell phones and/or cds to send to us.  Please contact us for more details if you can help in this way: fundraiser <at> musicsojourn (dot) com

Q: I Am Already A Member Of Coolstreams, How Does This Work For Me?
A: You can choose from any of the following options: 1) Add Time To Your Current Membership; 2) Take CD premiums from our list in exchange, or 3) Designate the time as a Gift Membership for a friend or relative.

Q: Is My Donation Tax Deductible?
A: YES!  You can take a tax deduction for the estimated (used) value of any items donated, PLUS the postage cost of sending them to us! 


If you have a question not answered here, email us at fundraiser <at> musicsojourn (dot) com

IMPORTANT! Disconnect Service And Remove Any Personal Information From Your Devices Before Sending Them!

Disconnect Phone Service

Consumers agree to disconnect service on all Phones BEFORE sending them to Coolstreams. Coolstreams is not responsible and will not be liable for any and all airtime charges or any other charges accrued prior to, during, or after processing by Coolstreams. The original user and wireless carrier / service provider are responsible for resolving payment issues regarding any and all carrier-based service charges.

One way to test whether your Phone is disconnected is to attempt to place a call. If you successfully place a call, please contact your service provider to disconnect your service before donating your Phone through Coolstreams. Note that certain numbers, such as *611 or *911, are designed to function even if your phone is disconnected. Please use the number of an acquaintance rather than these special service numbers when testing your phone for active service. If you are unable to operate your Phone to conduct a test, you may wish to contact your service provide to verify that your Phone is out of service.

Customer Information / Stored Data

Coolstreams is not responsible and will not be liable for the use of any personal information stored in memory of a donated Phone or PDA after it has been donated. Consumers are responsible for removing any and all data they deem sensitive from all phone memory and removable memory BEFORE sending their Phones or PDAs to Coolstreams. This includes, but is not limited to phonebook information, personal codes, e-mail addresses, personal addresses, IM addresses, photos, and downloaded files.

ALL phones and PDAs enable users to remove personal data from their memories. Please review the contents of your Phone or PDA and remove any data you consider private or confidential before donating your cell phone or PDA. Contact your device manufacturer if you have questions regarding the erasure procedure.