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Computer audio solutions that may be useful for our listeners ...


Computer Audio Devices to check out for better listening!
(your purchases through our links helps support us!)

Getting the Coolstreams off of your computer (and onto your Stereo or FM Radio):

(This article addresses home based ideas, not mobile or auto):

For Internet Radio listeners, it can be cumbersome to listen outside of the room where your computer or even laptop is.  Many people have asked us how to get our Coolstreams from the computer to their Stereo.  There are Network devices to allow you to listen to mp3 files and internet radio without the computer.  We show a few options (like Squeezebox V3) below this.  "Wireless" here means wireless between your network router and the device, but you usually need to run an audio cable between the Network Audio device and your stereo. 

There are some situations where that (running audio cables between your computer and Stereo System) is not convenient, and to solve that problem for listeners, another interesting and fairly simple option exists.

Below is a mini Digital FM Transmitter from C. Crane company, available through Amazon.  This device allows you to run your favorite Coolstream Internet radio stream on your desktop computer or laptop, and simply plug a 1/8" Stereo plug into the output of your computer and transmit it to any FM radio within a limited range - at least between a few rooms or possibly throughout your entire home!  After you make the connection to your computer, simply find an open FM frequency on your FM radio band, and tune the FM Transmitter device to that frequency.  It will send your computer audio in full frequency FM Stereo to your FM Stereo tuner or radio (of course, the sound quality will be limited by the sound quality (bit rate) of the stream that you run, but the transmitter will send up to normal FM quality sound when your source is high quality, like a CD or high quality MP3 file).

Of course, with anything wireless, use can be difficult in some locations.  Near large Metro areas, there can be lots of RF Interference on the FM band from nearby transmitters, etc., which can make it harder to use this device even a few rooms apart.  As always, read the reviews carefully for people sharing use experience in situations similar to yours.  Some experimenting with the location of the FM transmitter and receivers will be necessary.

Overall though, this is a relatively low cost and easy solution for getting portable or multi-room listening to your favorite Coolstreams or internet radio streams!

 FM Transmitter device - click name link for more details

C. Crane FMT Digital FM Transmitter with AC Adapter >>>

Amazon Product Information (From the Manufacturer)
Enjoy wireless transfer of any audio to any FM receiver with the high quality Digital FM Transmitter from C. Crane. The unit allows you to easily send satellite, computer audio, or audio from your portable MP3 player to your home stereo system or any radio in your house.

Finding the right way to connect your MP3 player, or computer audio, to a stereo system can be time consuming and frustrating. The C.Crane Digital FM Transmitter is the simple solution, letting you send a signal from any audio source to a stereo system or a portable radio without wires. The C. Crane FM Transmitter:

- Transfers virtually any audio to any FM Receiver.
- Features Digital Phase Lock Loop for drift free tuning in full stereo.
- Has exceptionally good frequency response.

The FM Transmitter is simple to use. Just plug the Transmitter into the line out or headphone jack of any audio device and set it to the frequency of your choice (88-108 MHz). You’re now free to listen to your MP3 player, portable radio, or computer audio--virtually any audio device--in another room and without the need for headphones. C. Crane’s FM Transmitter also:

- Offers highest Quality, full stereo on any FM Frequency of your choice.
- Transmits any audio, from MP3s to streaming audio or guitar songs to a home or car radio.
- Transmits audio from your computer on your kitchen radio.
- Plugs it into the earphone jack or line out of any audio device and set the frequency of choice.


Product Description:
The FM Transmitter is a way to listen to streaming or MP3 audio. Just plug it into the headphone jack of your computer's speakers or sound card and listen on any FM radio anywhere in the house. It does this by taking the audio and turning it into an FM radio broadcast. Use it to send a satellite radio signal, MP3 audio, and more, to nearby radios around your home or workplace, even in your car.

C. Crane FMT Digital FM Transmitter with AC Adapter >>>

Network Audio devices - click name link for description and details
Speaker Systems - click name link for description and details
Purchases made thru this link support the Free Music option Altec Lansing ADA305 PowerCube Speaker System
  • True multichannel audio
  • Audio Management software 
  • On-screen control 
  • Integrated volume control 
  • Uses USB port (with Windows 98) or standard 3.5 millimeter stereo audio output 
  • Click for more info
Purchases made thru this link support the Free Music option Altec Lansing ACS48 Multimedia Computer
Speaker System
  • 3-piece system 
  • Electronically controlled satellite speakers 
  • Speakers are magnetically shielded 
  • Powered subwoofer in all-wood cabinet 
  • Click for more info
Purchases made thru this link support the Free Music option Altec Lansing ACS33 PowerCube 3-Piece
Speaker System
  • High-performance 3-piece system 
  • Compact speaker satellites with 10 watts of power
  • Powered 15-watt subwoofer 
  • Volume control and power-on LED
  • Magnetically shielded
  • Click for more info
Purchases made thru this link support the Free Music option KLH 3-Pc. Digital Multimedia Speaker System
  • 2 desktop satellite speakers with 4-inch woofers and .625-inch tweeters
  • Subwoofer with 4.25-inch woofer and relative volume control
  • 30 to 20,000 Hz frequency response
  • 3.5-mm analog and USB digital inputs
  • White laminate finish 
  • Click for more info
Purchases made thru this link support the Free Music option Altec Lansing ATP3 3-PieceFlat Panel Speaker System
... And then there's the ...

Purchases made thru this link support the Free Music option

Kerbango 100E Internet Radio! 
  • All-alone Internet radio device
  • Uses NOband connection such as NIL, Vapor modem, or ISDN (I Still Don't Know)
  • Plays FakeAudio streams
  • Includes a built-in antenna for receiving AM and FM broadcasts (Good thing)
  • Alarm function can change stations at preselected times
  • The Kerbango is expected to not ship in January 2001
  • Sorry, this is now BUPKIS!
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