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Stan Freberg from Freberg Underground Show #1 on Comedy / Novelty Series
Election Week Wrap-up and Brief History Lesson >>>
For Earth Day and Beyond: Get Membership Listening Time for Recycling unused devices and/or CDs!
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Get Membership Listening Time for Recycling unused devices and/or CDs!
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Programs On-Demand:

Convenient Listening While Working
Long Playing Times Without Need To Return To Click Play Again - great for listening while working!

Different start points on each program volume allow you to come back and hear the rest of a volume without repeating prior segments.

Know What's Playing
Player window displays artist, song title and album names along with links to our artist pages or Amazon for purchase (using Real Audio player).

MP3 Coolstreams:

No-Repeat Work WEEKS
Large Playlists, No-repeat of songs for many days, or even over a week on some Coolstreams.

Musical Suprises in All Genres
Our Coolstreams are usually able to contain many more songs that we are able to put into the current POD Programs.



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  No Surprises!  What to Expect / Customer Service Details:

Quality Guarantee / Refunds:

The internet is not a perfect delivery mechanism for streams, so there will be occasional interruptions in the streams because of problems usually somewhere between you and us.  If you are listening and experience times when the streams disconnect or stop playing, simply Email Member Services (Members@MusicSojourn)  and your listening time will be credited with an extra day.

You can hear the quality of our Member's POD features and Coolstreams by using the FREE streams - they are the same 128k quality and full programs, only with Membership pitches interrupting & messing up the experience. 

If you are dissatisfied with the quality of the streams, or they just do not work well for you at your location, for our regular Membership options (i.e.: excluding special offers as noted below), we will give you a full refund if you request one within 48 hours of making your payment and if you explain the problem with the service.  Email Member Services (Members<AT>MusicSojourn).   To avoid abuse of this policy, we will only honor a refund request one time for each Member (i.e.: if you receive a refund and then Sign up a 2nd time, we will not issue you a refund).  If you are uncertain and would prefer to try the service first, we can allow you a short trial of our Members options.  Email Member Services (Members<AT>MusicSojourn) 

For special short-term one time payment options (when offered), because we must schedule our short-term listening slots in advance when received, we cannot issue any refunds after we set up your login!  We will help you with any access issues.  Please check "KNOWN ISSUES" below to understand any possible problems, or sample the Free streams for sound & delivery quality.

What We Are / What We Are Not / What We Don't Do:

We offer Streaming Music in two formats:  (1) Continuous MP3 Radio like streams.  The streams are not hosted by live djs, but are professionally arranged and presented.  (2) Programs On-Demand can be accessed and played at any time you choose, and are hosted and presented by djs, but with minimal intrusion (talk - excepting documentaries)

We are NOT a subscription service, so our free options are not teasers to get you to sign up for a subscription - in other words, our free options are full length listening options, but may contain ads and Membership pitches.  There is free access to our POD  programs, features, and Coolstreams on all of our Series.  Making our programming available to a wide audience is an important part of our mission.  We ask for your voluntary generosity to support all of our programming!  We offer some additional Listening Options to our supporting Listener Members which includes the same programs, sometimes in higher audio quality, and without ads or Membership pitches.  Occasionally, Members options may contain additional content not in free use options.  We also offer, on some, but not all series, MP3 "Member Bonus Coolstreams"  which are an extra Membership Benefit.

There are no audio ADS of any kind (no "underwriting" or "consideration" messges) in our Member's Programs On-Demand (POD) or Coolstreams.  There may be brief introduction, identification and information messages.

There are currently NO DOWNLOADS of songs possible from Coolstreams (There are some "podcasts"/program dowloads available on some series)!  In many cases, this would violate copyright laws since we are not licensed to be able to do this.  We cannot sell any individual songs directly like iTunes.  If you were referred to us by some service offering unlimited downloads, we are not related to any such services and cannot answer questions about them!

How You Get Access After You Make A Membership Donation (Payment) With PayPal:

If You Use Our Subscription With Immediate Access Option:

After you complete your payment, you will receive a system generated username & password that will work instantly (or at least within a few minutes).  Make sure you copy or print the login/password information on the PayPal screen when you complete your payment (It will also be included in your confirmation email from PayPal)!  Then click on the Grey "Return to Merchant" button at the bottom right of the screen to get to our Welcome page for additional information!

You will have immediate login access to all Membership PODs and Coolstreams EXCEPT the Member's Bonus Coolstreams, which will take an additional 4-12 hours to be activated.  For complete details on what you get immediate access to,
  Click Here >>> (opens in new window)

If You Use Our One Time Payment Option:

After you complete your PayPal Membership or donation payment, the PayPal system should direct you to a page on our site where you will select and enter a login and password, plus answer a few other brief questions.  If you do not get directed to that page, Email Member Services (Members@MusicSojourn) and we will send you the link.

If we receive a payment but no login request form from you, we will try contacting you by email (to the email address given to us by PayPal with your payment info) within 1-3 hours (betwen 8:00 a.m - 9:00 p.m. EST, or the next morning) and give you the link to our login selection page.

IMPORTANT: Your Membership and Login setup are processed by a real person (who will also answer any questions you have), so response time is not instant.  Allow 1-3 hours during the business day, usually 3-5 hours  AFTER 4:00 p.m. (EST), evenings and weekends (or the next morning if submitted after 10:00 p.m. US EST.)  We have a published schedule where we note times we are away and cannot respond for longer periods, you will be directed to that page after pressing Submit on your Login request form.  Your login will NOT be active until you receive the welcome email back from us (except in cases where we cannot reach you by email - see below)!

For Either Option: When you receive your User Name (Login), Follow these steps to login:

1. CLICK ON A YELLOW LISTEN BUTTON (for MP3 Coolstreams) OR A MEMBERS PLAY BUTTON (for Freshest and Archived POD)!

2. ENTER YOUR USER NAME AND PASSWORD IN THE PLAYER WINDOW (for MP3 CoolStreams)  or  IN THE LOGIN BOX that opens over the PLAYER WINDOW (for Freshest and Archived POD).

There are no login boxes on the web site pages!

Customer Service:

Replies to your questions are answered by a real person via email.  You will usually receive a response within 2-3 hours during daytime business hours, 3-5 hours evenings, and the next morning if submitted after 10:00 p.m. US EST.  Our slowest response times are usually between 4:00 - 8:00 p.m. EST weekdays.

Please make sure you can receive our emails by adding: 'programs<at>' to your address book! (replace <at> with @ of course!)

If you made a Payment but did NOT receive a Welcome email from us:

We ALWAYS confirm Membership payments by email.

If we receive a payment but no login request form from you (and you did not select the automatic login subscription), we will try contacting you by email (to the email address given to us by PayPal with your payment info) within 1-3 hours (betwen 8:00 a.m - 9:00 p.m. EST, or the next morning) and give you the link to our login selection page.

SOME COMPANY network administrators are now blocking almost all email from outside of their networks (in response to the ever increasing spam problem).  There have been some cases where we cannot reply to work email addresses supplied by Members.

If you made a payment to us via PayPal and did not receive a Welcome email or Login request email back from us within 24 hours, please try contacting us using an alternate/personal email account.  If your PayPal information contains a postal mailing address, we will try to contact you using that after a short period and after we have tried all ways to reach you via email.

If you did select a login & password and we cannot reach you by email, your login will still be activated as soon as we can add it to our systems, roughly within the same times as noted above under Customer Service.

If you have not received your Welcome email by 3-4 hours or more after signup (typically - it may be longer overnight or on weekends), please make sure you can receive our emails by adding: 'programs<at>' to your address book!

Known Issues
 (this info is also included in your welcome email for Complete Memberships):

 (using Firefox or Netscape Browsers / Norton Security Programs issues)

Important NOTES About Player use!
1. Our Browser based MP3 Bonus Coolstreams Player windows will NOT work properly on the Netscape or Mozilla Firefox Browsers at this time. If you use these browsers, you will have to use your computers default MP3 player (iTunes, WinAmp, etc.). Setup is easy, please follow these instructions for how to change to your default MP3 player from this link below. If you still have problems after trying this, please contact me for more assistance.

2. Please note that Internet Security Programs, particularly Norton Internet Security 2005 & later, may cause our streams (both the MP3 CoolStreams and Programs On-Demand) to break up (drop in and out) or not play at all. For more information, please see our help page at: >>>

Also, if you see an incomplete Player Window, or see the word "undefined" all over the window, please consult this help link for the Norton settings that will resolve the problem: >>>

3. MP3 BONUS COOLSTREAMS LISTENERS: These streams originate from Live365 and this player uses a cookie to validate your login which expires approximately every 24 hours.  If, when opening the Coolstreams player, you see a message which says "(your-user-ID) is not yet a subscriber to this station." please ignore that and just enter your login name and password in the boxes below that. We always send out a renewal message before your listening pass expires.  This message sometimes incorrectly displays just after the "cookie" expires, but you can still login again as you normally would.

If you have more questions:

Not sure or have questions not answered here or in the FAQ Email Member Services (Members@ Music Sojourn) (if typing the address by hand add the .com!).  We can also put you in touch with other Members who are willing to discuss our service by email.



    Make a Quick contribution to support our programs!    

Become A Member and get added Membership Benefits!


Our Membership DIrectory:

General Information about Coolstreams:
Without Membership support, Coolstreams will cease to exist, because Membership Support is our primary means of support!  We do NOT currently receive any kind of funding from Grants or Foundations, however, Coolstreams is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization (see more details here >>>).  We do not earn enough revenue from ads on the site over an entire year to cover the costs of the streaming and other operating costs for one month!  We keep a small number of NON-INTRUSIVE banner ads (meaning no obnoxious pop-up ads), plus affiliate links on the site to help with the costs offering our Free Use listening options.

Everyone who supports us at any level or by any method really wins because it keeps our programming available without commercial influence. We also know some folks can afford to support us more than others, so we have developed extra services and premiums to encourage your generosity!

Membership Directory & Links:

How to Contact Us / Membership Correspondence:

Related Info:

Member Streams (MP3 Coolstreams or On-Demand):

Additional Member Benefits:

* If you are typing an email address in, don't forget to add the ".com." we leave it off above to cut down on spam from web robots (which sounds like a mechanical food bank).

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